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Motion Magical Design provides to you a unlimited Animation and Motion Design subscription, where you receive customized, fully animated graphics and unlimited revisions.

Sound impossible? That's what makes it magic :)

The magic word is:

What kind of tricks do we perform?

Take a look at this montage of some of the projects we have worked on over the years...

Here's a breakdown of what we do!

Animators, Designers, and other Top Notch Creatives charge up to $1000 a day!

Unlimited sound much better?

What's the

Normally we can't reveal our secrets (magician's code), but we'll make an exception for you  :)

Here's our four easy steps,
from to-do to ta-done!


Submit a request to us via the Client Portal. Here, we give you a form to fill out with all the details we need and, if anything is confusing, we are an message away to help!

Submit Request


We look at your request, ask you any additional questions we may have, and give you a time frame to complete. For simple jobs or shorter animations (less than 5 seconds), this is usually 2-3 days.

Get Time Frame


We send you a preview for you to review and submit changes. We'll give you a new time frame to ok, then get to work! This step can be repeated as many times as you want.



Once you're happy, we're happy! We do a final render of your video in whatever format you need and send this to you, and you can keep it forever! Plus, we can send you project files too!


Here's some Magic we've made for other clients...


Walt Disney World - Florida

Projection Mapping Shows



Television Advertisement

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 5.20.16 PM.png

Access Hollywood

Television Promo Spot


The Tick

Social Media Ads

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Benjamin is brilliant. He's incredibly responsive, has a great eye for design, and his years of experience become clear the moment you start working with him. We wouldn't give up any opportunity to work with him.

Selin Kocalar - Delve Technologies

Want to convert customers and attract more viewers with high quality video for less each month?
We know the secret...


We analyze your business needs, desired target markets and delivery platforms.


We plan an asset system that can be used in every platform you plan to promote or advertise.


We build out the initial look of your system, ensuring it stays true to your brand and clientele.


Once approved, we build out a complete package, including assets for all social media and streaming platforms you need.


We deliver you these assets, and create more if you need them.

Here's a Few Common Requests:

Animated Opening Titles

If you have videos you need to look polished, a professional looking title package will help your piece stand out from the rest! This includes elements like an opening title, lower thirds, call-outs, infographics, and transitions that are edit ready!

Video Overlay &

Got an explainer video, or tutorial videos that need some extra explanation? Or just need to show someone's name on the screen? We can provide you with some video call-outs and text elements that are ready to drop into any edit software!

Motion Treatment
for Still Images and

Still image ads are SO BORING! Take that flat, one frame image and give it some LIFE, and get more clicks on your advertisement and generate more revenue! We can even make these into a seamless loop for product booths and trade show displays!

Video Editing and Finishing for Social Media

Want to engage your followers? But don't want to work with slow, unprofessional companies who take forever to finish your videos? Send us your raw footage and some images, and we'll have a fully edited, captioned, ready to post video in just a few days!

2D and 3D Title and Type Designs

Need to give your brand a refresh? We can design some logos and type options specifically for your video, using elements that can be used for both animated titles and your print, web, and social media campaigns!

Other Design &
Creative Services

Don't see what you need here like web design, social media scheduling, logo and brand identity design, illustration, copywriting, or something else? Don't worry! We can provide you all of these (and more), through our network of creative partners!

We have a few tricks up our sleeves...
What do you get with membership?

Easy to Use!

Simple request system lets you add as many requests to your queue as you'd like!

Fixed Monthly Price

No Surprises on Price! Pay the same amount every month!

Fast Delivery

Why wait? We can turn around small (3-5 second 2D) animations within a day or two!


Scale up or down as needed and cancel or pause at any time!


We review your requests and make accurate estimates of time frame to complete.

You Own It!

Once approved, everything is yours to do whatever you want with, including project files!

Hello, I’m Benjamin! And I'm here to...

Add some ABRACADABRA to your videos!

I've been living in Los Angeles California and working in "the biz" since 2008. You have probably seen my work and didn't even know it, as my design and animation skills have been seen in hundreds of households worldwide, on some of the largest screens in the world, and now I'm putting all that knowledge and experience to work to make YOU incredible!


Some of the places and companies our work has magically appeared...

Have you heard of any of them?

Revolt Logo
Fox Logo
Disney Logo
Amazon Prime Logo
Apple Music Logo

Trying to Figure Out Our Secrets?
Here's a Few Hints:

  • Why don't we hire a full time Animator? Or full time Designer?
    They're expensive! The average full time animator (with a good skill level to handle your requests) is upwards of $100,000, plus sick leave, plus paid time off, plus health insurance, plus 401K. Super expensive! Plus, if there isn't a lot of work, they are just sitting around waiting. With a monthly subscription, you can pause and resume work as much as needed, so you're only paying for animation help when you need it!
  • How many requests can I have at one time?
    You can have an unlimited number of requests, but they will be worked on one at a time and delivered in a first in - first out queue. A new request will not be worked on until the previous request has been approved and all files have been delivered.
  • How fast will I receive my animations?
    This is a complex question to answer in an FAQ, because every animation differs in scope. However, when you submit a new request, we will do a review of the request and give you a time estimate. This is only an estimate, and some requests may take more or less time.
  • How will I know the status and progress of my request?
    You will receive an end of day report, via email, showing the latest progress of the request, at the end of business each day you have a request active. These reports are usually sent between 7pm and 11pm PST.
  • I have a hard deadline, and I need my videos by that deadline. Is it possible?
    You will be able to request a delivery date, but it is entirely subject to how fast the job is completed and how complex the job is. This is where this will be discussed in the time frame document, which is sent within 24 hours after submitting a job. If the deadline is too soon for the project scope (as discussed in the time frame), we can discuss an additional fee to help achieve the delivery on your deadline.
  • Can I have multiple jobs running simultaneously?
    Of course! The way to do this is with multiple subscriptions, running concurrently. Each subscription will allow you to add one additional concurrent job to the queue.
  • How many animators/designers are on your staff?
    You will never believe us when I tell you, but Motion Magical is a person studio. This means you will work directly with me, Benjamin, the founder of Motion Magical, on every project we do. However, if your video requires additional help, like custom illustration or video production, that is provided by outside partners and designers (potentially at an additional fee).
  • What program(s) do you work in?
    Primarily the Adobe suite of tools (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) and, for 3D work, I use Cinema 4D by Maxon.
  • How will I receive my files after the request is approved?
    When you sign up for Motion Magical, you will be given a client Google Drive folder, which will store all of your assets, including previews, final renders, and project files. These files will stay in this Google Drive folder for as long as your membership is active. If you decide to cancel or pause your membership, these files will be retained for at least 30 days from the pause date before being removed.
  • How do I request a new project?
    When you sign up for MotionMagic, you will be given access to a board in Trello. Here, you can easily create a new request, fill out the required information, and attach any relevant media to the board (we prefer Google Drive, but any link to any media service will do). Your request will also be updated with a time frame upon review (usually the same day as the request is received).
  • What if I don't like how the animation looks?
    No problem! We will change the animation to your liking until you are 100% satisfied with the results!
  • What if I have only a single request?
    No problem. Once your request is delivered, you can pause your account, and restart your subscription when you need more animation help. No need to let any of your subscription go to waste.
  • Are there any refunds if I don't like the work?
    Due to the labor intensity of this type of venture, there are no refunds whatsoever. However, if you dislike the look of a video and want another designer to "pick it up where we left off", we will be more than happy to send you all relevant design files and media once you approve the request.
  • What happens if you get sick/take a break?
    If your requests are not urgent, we will pause your subscription for you automatically and restart when we return. If your requests are urgent, please let us know in your board so we can make sure we get everything delivered on time.
  • How do we communicate about our requests?
    Via your Trello board, I'll make comments on your requests you can respond to at any time, and you have access to this board 24/7... To save everyone time, I don't do any phone calls outside of the initial consultation, nor do I take any work requests via email. If you need to communicate something to me via audio or video, you are welcome to send me a video via Loom (and I will send you a Loom video if I need to explain something in a delivery), and I will send you previews of animations via our shared Google Drive folder.
  • What are the limits on pausing?
    You can pause anytime but, if your pause is 3 months or more, you will not be allowed to pause again for 30 days. If you pause for 6 months or more, you will not be allowed to pause again for 60 days, and if you pause 9 months or more, you will not be allowed to pause for 90 days. You can pause for up to 12 consecutive months but, after the 12th month, you will automatically be unpaused for 90 days (and you can then pause after the 90th day). This is the "official" rule to prevent abuse but, if you have extenuating circumstances, just email us and we can work around them.
  • Are you really a magician?
    100% yes! When I'm not working on your designs and animations, I am inventing new magic, working with other magicians on their projects, or performing at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. And yes, if you are local to the Los Angeles Area and a current subscriber, you can visit the clubhouse anytime, just let us know! Plus, follow me/him on instagram as well!

Let Us Make Magic For You!

...let's have a quick chat...

Sign up for a plan today, or if you want to chat, book a free 30 minute call to see how MotionMagic can help your videos really pop!

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